Austin, Texas Vectorworks Core & Intermediate Concepts Training Courses

Austin, Texas Vectorworks Core & Intermediate Concepts Training Courses
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VECTORWORKS CORE CONCEPTS TRAINING Tuesday, February 20 – Wednesday, February 21 COURSE DESCRIPTION This is the most useful hands-on training option to discover ways to utilize tools, menu commands, and drawing organization within Vectorworks computer software. Core Concepts starts from the ground up, teaching you all of the necessary basics needed seriously to become a Vectorworks pro. Utilize 2D and 3D modeling techniques from the beginning and learn the entry points and correct workflows to help master the Vectorworks platform. OVER ALL LEARNING GOALS Drawing fast, keeping accurate, incorporating easy-to-use drawing structures, employing modern Vectorworks methods and concepts. View the list of topics covered. PREREQUISITES Those considering classroom training must comprehend basic drafting concepts, such as for example plan and elevation projections, scale and actual size, and drawing units. Attendees must also be comfortable with operating either a Macintosh or Windows computer system, as well as comprehend basic mouse operations such as for instance single click, double click, click and drag, scroll wheel, right click, and two click operations. Attendees would must also know basic keyboarding, including use of the Spacebar, Tab, Control, Alt, Shift, Delete, Command (Mac), and Option (Mac) keys. VECTORWORKS INTERMEDIATE CONCEPTS TRAINING Thursday, February 22 – Friday, February 23 COURSE DESCRIPTION Just take your Vectorworks knowledge to another location level! The Intermediate Concepts course is the better hand-on training option to allow you to become proficient with information modeling and integrating 2D drafting skills with 3D modeling. Learn to extract data from any object and list the data automatically in a worksheet. Improve your workflow and graphic output of one’s construction documents and presentation renderings. Also, learn more about layer and class organization, along with advanced practices with viewports and section viewports. OVER ALL LEARNING GOALS To employ Vectorworks conventions and concepts to include the next degree of information modeling into each phase of one’s design workflow. View the list of topics covered. PREREQUISITES To be eligible for Intermediate Concepts classroom training, candidates will need to have completed the Core Concepts class in the last two years or understand all the following topics listed below. Should you feel that you do not comprehend one or more of the topics, we highly recommend that you take the Core Concepts training class first, as time won’t be available to cover these Core Concepts in the Intermediate class. Attendees must know basic 2D and 3D drawing navigation (e. g., panning, standard views, 3D Flyover tool, and zooming in and out), selecting, moving and resizing objects, in addition to standard tool behavior (e. g., single click, two click, three click, and continuous clicking tools). In addition , this training requires understanding, creating, and editing surface objects, along with editing container objects such as for instance symbols, plug-in objects, and viewport annotations. Intermediate students must also know about basic CAD layout practices such as layer scale, smart cursor cues, duplicate array, mirroring, offset and aligning objects, conventions of snaps, and X, Y and Z coordinates. Also required is a familiarity with drawing organization structures such as for example layers, classes, sheet layers and viewports, along with understanding the purpose of the next Vectorworks computer software palettes: Object Info palette, Basic palette, Attributes palette, Resource Browser, View bar, and the utilization of the heads-up display (i. e., floating data display bar). MORE INFORMATION Windows machines preloaded with current Vectorworks software will undoubtedly be provided for every classroom training attendee. Workshop participants who want to work on their very own machine must bring their particular laptop or desktop computer with the software installed. The software might either be your own registered license, or you may obtain and put in a functional 30-day evaluation copy prior to arriving for the course. We shall not issue refunds because of malfunctions of software installed on personal laptops. The course instructor is not available or responsible to troubleshoot or service personal laptops, nor could be the trainer accountable for technical issues experienced throughout the course as a result of personal computer hardware or computer software malfunctions. Detail by detail information on how to download the application will be emailed to you and will be present in your registration confirmation. MEET UP WITH THE TRAINER Donald Ward is really a Vectorworks expert and lead trainer at Vectorworks, Inc. He has been with Vectorworks for a decade, initially as a senior technical support specialist working directly with Vectorworks customers. Since 2007, he’s been conducting Vectorworks class room and on the web training courses at all levels. He has also presented at numerous industry events including LDI and ASLA annual conventions. Additionally , Don supports the company’s U. S. sales and marketing initiatives by dealing with the user group community and by providing customized, on-site team training for Vectorworks customers.
at New Horizons Training Facility
300 E Highland Mall Blvd, Suite 100
Austin, United States

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