How to Win Crucial Public Sector Contracts

How to Win Crucial Public Sector Contracts
Event on 2014-04-01 09:00:00


IMPORTANT: Covering all the new changes in the 2014 public procurement processes!


How do you ensure you get to the contract? We'll show you how to raise your success rate

Kable's expertise in navigating the public sector makes us the ideal partner to show you how to raise your success rate and get to the contract.

Complex rules dictate the public sector buying process to ensure that taxpayer's money is spent wisely, yet some public sector suppliers perform much better than others do.  The fact that government procurements sometimes end in disaster proves that the system is vulnerable to influence and persuasion.  Offering the best value does not always lead to a contract.  Because of the intricate procurement procedures imposed on government users and their suppliers, even the best sales teams are not always equipped to succeed in the competitive public sector environment.

So how do you use resources wisely and get the balance right?  And what needs to be done to maximise your chance of getting through to the contract?

How to Win Crucial Public Sector Contracts is an advanced training course that deals with the written and unwritten rules affecting those who sell to national and local government.  It addresses challenges faced by public sector sales executives and shows how the process can be exploited to help give you a significant competitive advantage.


Who Should Attend? 

You will get substantial value from this event if you are one of the following: 

  • Those responsible for managing the client relationship
  • Senior staff who have direct control over the bidding process
  • Senior sales staff
  • Internal experts who have responsibility for compiling the PQQ response
  • Senior executive project sponsors
  • Bid managers


Benefits of Attending
In this event you will discover the touch points that you can exploit for competitive advantage

  •  Cover off on the 2014 procurement rule changes including PQQ "passports", timescale changes, no more Part B services, Tekal changes & negotiated competitive dialogue.
  • Experienced public sector bid and sales people will gain new ideas and insights from this course.  Reminders about things they know that may have fallen into disuse and hearing about the experiences of others on the course will expand the value of their participation
  • Sales people who are transitioning from the commercial sector, or who are beginning a public sector sales career, will gain knowledge and methods that will be essential to their success.
  • Organisations who are new to the public sector will learn about the knowledge, habits and practices that their teams must use to compete against established competitors.


Course Contents 

  1. Gaining control by understanding the process – Achieving an edge by understanding the public sector client agenda and processes.  Looking at the freedoms and constraints that affect their decisions.  Understanding the procurement options from the viewpoint of the Contracts Officer.  Knowing the underlying principles upon which all Public Sector procurements are based.  Positioning your solution for maximum impact and identifying those parts of the process you can use to gain competitive advantage.
  2. Compliance – The role of qualification during the process.  Understanding how to overcome potential non-compliancies. Dealing with radical solutions and innovative proposals.  Understanding the approach to abnormal bids.
  3. Leveraging the evaluation process in your favour – Using executive summaries to best advantage.  Knowing how to exploit the decision making processes to improve your ability to respond correctly.  Getting more time.  Using politics to enhance your chances of winning.  The truth about bribery.
  4. Finding out what the competition is bidding – Creative use of the Freedom of Information act to gain competitive advantage.  Identifying where the client has identified the winner they want and how to overcome their bias.  Differentiating your proposition.
  5. Using politics to enhance your chances of winning – Knowing what is really wanted in the response.  Making sure that the evaluators have no option but to award highest marks.  Identify every point in the process that you can use to influence the agenda.  Create a basis upon which you may challenge a decision which does not go in your favour.  Finessing the question response process.
  6. Increasing your win chances by finessing the question response process – Recovering from finding out you are not winning.  Getting a debrief.  How to challenge effectively and how to overcome the winner decision.  Understanding the fundamental principles upon which all challenges must be based upon to be successful.  Using the Alcatel period and the Remedies Directive to best effect.


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