Moving and dont know who to get my stuff from point A to level B!!! Assist!?

Query by kellyallen82: Moving and dont know who to get my stuff from level A to point B!!! Aid!?
I am purchasing a house and I really do not close till the 23rd. (if every little thing stays on schedule…) anyway….

In Indiana is my Kia,
About 6 – eight foot lockers worth of things
My mom
Her six-ten boxes
And her scooter

I was pondering of possessing a single of my friends drive my automobile and just tow a trailer behind with all the crude but I really don’t know anybody that could do it and my mother does NOT have a license so she cant drive….. guidance???????

I asked my son’s dad and he cant do it. He can’t afford to get the time off of work. 🙁 I thought about the moving firms but they want an arm and a leg to move the car and the scooter and then all the boxes too… 🙁 I mean we are talking thousands….. It is not even humorous.

So does anybody have any concepts???????

PS Uhaul is not a viable option…. you have to have a licence to drive a Uhaul and my mom does not have one particular……
I can drive but i am over six,000 miles away. its a 21 hour plane trip from where i am at….
Okay you asked for far more details. Its from Northern Indiana to Dallas. The complete trip is 1600 miles. I am in iraq so i cant drive my mother and she has no licence…… I attempted looking into the pods and indiana is just so stupid that they are not serviced there.

Ideal solution:

Answer by blondiegurl4388
Can you drive? Are you in Indiana? If not get a low cost a single way ticket and drive your car with a trailor. Also appear for the non-identify brand moving Co’s.


I am not certain, do you have any siblings that can assist you out? Boyfriend/Husband? A person else. Certainly there is not considerably you can do that does not value an arm and a leg. Maybe an Iraq soliders assist thing, you know in which individuals help others who are in the service? Thats all I acquired.

Know greater? Depart your own reply in the comments!

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  1. J D

    In many locations across the US there are PODS or MINI’s (2 different companies). These are basically mini box trailers that are dropped at your place. You load them up and set up a pickup time. They arrange for the PODS or MINI’s to be delivered to your new location. Do a search for PODS on Yahoo. Some trucking companies may have something similar. I am thinking Roadway may have something like it. If you rented a UHAUL, RYDER, or BUDGET truck, you could drive the truck and pull a rented Uhaul car trailer with the KIA on it. You could probably secure the scooter with empty gas tank in the back of the truck. Good luck!

  2. AwesomeBill

    Can you provide more details? Like where from and where to. I ask only because if you are moving a certain distance I would suggest loading all that you can on your vehicle that is allowable so that you can drive a short distance. If you have to move a long way then I would split up the load and make several trips. Plus I would call a handful of couriers to see if they are willing to move a portion of your goods.

    I have more questions than answers at this point. I don’t want you to post the exact locations, just a general idea of how far apart they are will help me to make better suggestions.

    Since you are moving 6,000 miles away, I would take only the most essential items, and plan out how you will pay for storage and eventual shipment of what you absolutely can afford to temporarily leave behind. Perhaps you can hold a yard sale to make some money to help yourself out.

    I can’t see an easy way through this. No matter how I slice it, it’s going to cost some money. I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with a good solution.