Point of Sale- its true potential

A lot of floor space can be wasted around the till point and POS display units are a way of maximising the use of this space; this is particularly useful to small shops like convenience stores and corner shop news agents.  POS displays are meant to grab customer attention and promote products.

There are several products available that serve as POS displays, but can be used elsewhere in a store e.g. entrance/ exits and at the end of aisles.  Free standing display units (FSDU’s), dump bins and pallet wraps are a few examples.  They are usually covered in the logo of the item being promoted and stocked with the product itself.  FSDU’s can be used to display anything from make-up, to mouthwash to crisps, where dump bins are usually used for soft toys, magazines and sports equipment (e.g. footballs).  Pallet wraps are more commonly used in garden centres and commercial wholesales, as they are displays that are placed over wooden pallets and can hold considerable weight and are used for e.g. bags of compost, dog food and supermarket “multi-packs”.

The other aspect of POS display is actually advertise products or specials at the till point itself e.g. till and shelf wobblers, counter display units (CDU’s) and leaflet dispensers.  The most effective way of drawing customer attention is through movement, which is the main function of a till or shelf wobbler.  They have two ends joined by a plastic strip, allowing them to be attached to the till or shelf on one end, leaving the other end free to bend away from the shelf or till and bob up and down, attracting attention. 

The main aim of all of these devices is to sell the product they are advertising.  Bold colour and clear text should be incorporated into these displays to make the most of their selling potential.


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