Void Vator // Disastroid // The Grimtones

Void Vator // Disastroid // The Grimtones
Event on 2018-03-31 20:00:00
Void Vator- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfGCightOBIhttps://www.facebook.com/voidvator/Void Vator is a heavy hard rock band out of Los Angeles, California. Lucas Kanopa (Vocals/Guitar) and German Moura (Drums) visited Los Angeles from their native country of Uruguay to attend the NAMM show in winter of 2013, and immediately fell in love with the rock culture of the city. Both German and Lucas began working on establishing legal citizenship and played various bands in Los Angeles, chasing the elusive rock and roll dream as so many have before. In winter of 2015, Lucas met with guitarist Erik Kluiber at Amp Rehearsal Studios in North Hollywood. Erik had recently parted ways with his previous band Gypsyhawk (Metal Blade Records) and was looking for a new project to put his efforts into. Lucas and Erik hit it off musically and found that their playing styles, creativity, and musical direction were compatible and complimented each other. The first early version of Void Vator was formed around this time with a different lineup that did not yet feature either Lucas's childhood friend German Moura on drums or Sam Harman on bass. Void Vator began writing material in North Hollywood and playing shows in the local Los Angeles Heavy Metal Rock scene. Erik was acquaintances with legendary rock producer Ulrich Wild from back in his days in Gypsyhawk. Ulrich had expressed interest in producing Gypsyhawk and stayed in touch with Erik after that band folded. Ulrich attended early Void Vator shows and one day approached the band with a recording deal with his new start up production company called WURMGROUP. The deal was modern and fair to both parties. Ulrich offered to produce and record and ep for Void Vator for no charge and split the proceeds evenly from the digital and physical sales of the EP. The music climate and industry has changed rapidly over the past 20 years. From his experience, Ulrich has been through all sorts of changes in his work environment even before pro tools was the standard recording software in studios. A forward thinker, Ulrich is always aware of shifts and changes in methodology and techniques within the music industry, and has always adapted to them so as not to be left behind. Void Vator was excited to be given this opportunity of being included as one of Ulrich's first WURMGROUP bands and have his production talents on their debut EP. Before the EP was recorded, it became clear that the lineup at the time was not going to work out. Lucas reached out to his childhood friend German Moura and asked if he would be interested in playing drums in Void Vator. German was playing drums for White Wizzard at the time. German recorded drums for many songs that made it to the upcoming White Wizzard album which is scheduled for release this fall of 2017. Coincidentally, guitarist Erik Kluiber was the lead guitar player for White Wizzard on their 2010 recording “Over The Top” (Earache Records). Los Angeles is huge city, but the circle of professional heavy metal musicians is smaller than what you would expect. Many times, musicians will play in different versions of the same band only to find themselves in another band at the same time as in this case. Despite some of the drama associated with White Wizzard and it's revolving door of musicians, that band has always featured top caliber musicians. That being a fact, it is not surprising that both German and Erik were a part of White Wizzard's legacy at one point.  Along with German, Void Vator found a new bass player that would be in the band for about a year. This lineup recorded the debut ep “Dehumanized” at Ulrich's home studio dubbed “The Wilderness” in Los Angeles. Historic rock and metal albums have been recorded at Ulrich's cozy studio located behind his Los Angeles home. Brendon Small, the mastermind behind Metalocalypse and Galaktikon, recently released behind the scenes footage on Youtube to promote the new Galaktikon album which was recorded and shot right at “The Wilderness” studios. “Dehumanized” was recorded around the late fall/early winter holiday season of 2016. The debut single “Time has Come” was released digitally towards the beginning 2017 as a teaser to build a buzz for what was yet to come from Void Vator. “Time Has Come” was also released as the debut video shot and directed by German's girlfriend Janilee Svardstal. A talented film student and aspiring director, Janilee's video propelled the awareness of Void Vator and attained a global audience through well received Youtube views. The “Time Has Come” video showcases the high energy and hook driven Heavy Rock approach that Void Vator is becoming know for. Filled with catchy ear pleasing vocals, dual guitar theatrics, and driving precision beats, “Time Has Come” would be a contender for heavy rotation on Modern Rock Radio if Modern Rock Radio still played new music. Void Vator spent the first half of 2017 perfecting their stage craft by branching our regionally across Southern California and mixing the “Dehumanized” EP. It is also worth noting that just a little bit before this was all happening, singer/guitarist Lucas Kanopa filled in for Mark Sprietzer of DevilDriver to perform guitar duties during their slot at Ozzfest 2016 in Mexico City. This one off show was quite an exciting experience as you can imagine. It's common in Los Angeles for talented musicians to be involved in multiple music projects at the same time. Lucas also currently performs guitar for Heaven Below featuring Patrick Kennnison (Lita Ford, ex – Union Underground) and fills in for Patrick at the live rock karaoke showcase at Skinnys in North Hollywood when Patrick is on the road with Lita. Nearing in on the “Dehumanized” cd release date of July 26th, 2017 complications arose between Void Vator and the bass player at the time. The band had been building up steam and getting out of town show offers in hard rock appreciating cities like San Diego on work days. This is common struggle for band members as it is complicated and difficult to make these shows happen, but happen they must for any serious rock band that wants to break out of their home town. This disagreement on gig policy lead to another lineup change. Void Vator changed up to a three piece for a short while to keep the momentum going. This change was not hard to pull off as Erik temporarily shifted over to bass which is the instrument he plays and while fronting and singing for Los Angeles stoner thrash metal band Ironaut. Void Vator pulled off the scheduled performances as a three piece, while looking for a suitable bass player to get band back to it's ideal four piece lineup. There must have been some sort of astrological phenomenon occurring because Sam Harman's name came up in discussion with Ulrich Wild. Erik had originally originally approached Sam a year previously to play bass for Void Vator, but Sam was busy in multiple projects including playing bass for Legal Tender featuring Jonah Nimoy the grandson of Leonard Nimoy (Spock) on guitar and vocals. This was a year later though, and Sam came out to a Wednesday night Void Vator performance at Skinnys Lounge in North Hollywood. After intensely watching the set, he said called back the following day and said, “I'm in, when is rehearsal?”. The next week he made his Void Vator debut onstage at the legendary Viper Room in West Hollywood. After a successful “Dehumanized” Cd Release party on July 26th, 2017, the band has kept it's stride performing regionally in cities such as Las Vegas and working with Metal Assault, an up and coming Blog/Podcast/Heavy Metal promotions company based in Los Angeles that hosts shows all over California. Void Vator could not be any stronger than at his moment. Sam has brought a huge arsenal of creativity and talent to and already talented band. The piece is in place and the work has just begun. New songs are being constructed quickly while the “Dehumanized” CD is still being marketed. There plans for a new video in the work very soon and perhaps more videos to maximize the exposure of this outstanding debut release. The best way to keep up with Void Vator's activities is through social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook. Pick up “Dehumanized” directly through Wurmgroup's Big Cartel page at www.wurmgroup.bigcartel.comwhich offers both physical and digital copies. The cd is also available through all the standard digital outlets including itunes, amazon, spotify, etc. Pick up “Dehumanized” and get your first taste of what has just begun from Los Angeles's Void Vator.Disastroid- "If you ask Disastroid to describe themselves they may just shrug you off. Bring them your sludge-rock fans, metalheads, and jaded hipsters; they're not above or below any of you."- Thrasher Magazine"Melvins/Minutemen/QOTSA-styled stoner rock that generally refuses to sit still… this is some good ol' fashioned instant gratification rock. You can pick it up, put it on, and get your feet moving post-haste. Recommended."- StonerRock.com"…Fucking awesome. The perfect mix of Harvey Milk, Jesus Lizard, Melvins, nomeansno, and Danzig all while tuning it into their own unique sound. It was everything that has been good about rock music and what is good about rock music now. I highly recommend these guys and it was nice to be completely blown away by an opening band I had never heard a note from before."- Speed Glue and Music"H.E.A.V.Y. What does that spell? Disastroid! Damn, I'm lazy. But they were, so I'm half right and half an idiot. I'll take those odds. The three piece dished out some of the most angular, jaunty, hard rock I've ever encountered, but that combination made more sense when they did it than it does on paper…"- dothefeedback.comThe Grimtones- The Grimtones are a three piece rock n roll group from Reno, NV.http://thegrimtones.bandcamp.com/
at Sheas Tavern
715 South Virginia Street
Reno, United States

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